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afaik the cars only use satnav to determine their global position and what they can expect road-wise. They augment that info with what they actually "see" ( hence the almost military-grade sensor/camara package on them.) If A doesn't fit B the driver is urged to grab the wheel and do things himself, so that's at least one of the more obvious "safety" measures.

Given that this whole thing is watched like a hawk by just about everyone having remotely to do with transportation and legislation, I pretty much doubt that the several teratonnes of data that's been collected about those cars can easily be fudged or tut-tutted, especially those fenderbenders. On the contrary, given the way I'm told US insurance works, one of those cars is the last things you want to hit, given that you can't just write of the dent and be done with it, as most people do. Even ignoring all the (utterly non-google) other camera-type things possibly aimed at you at the time, your little scrape has just been Borged, and you cannot avoid Insurance Interference if only just because Google insuror will want to know what happened there...

While technically possible, it's simply too risky and ultimately counterproductive to fudge the data on accidents when it comes to this project, by Google of any of the other hopefuls. There's simply too much riding on it, and even with my paranoïdar deployed I , at least, can't see how any of the companies involved could get away with it for long, if at all.

But I'll one-up my previous challenge: Having successfully circumnavigated the Arc de Triomphe and the vagaries of Parisian coureurs, we shift the scene to Italy. Let's be fair there and do it classic Top Gear: The challenge is to pass through Rome , including the Colosseum **, followed by a leisurely drive to Napoli, and a pass through the city centre there, ending at an appropriate pub with a functioning car, and a maximum of 5 human interventions.

** locals may know better...testing grounds.. But that's one route I prefer never to have to do again..

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