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"The" synthesizer revolution was actually a number of major and minor revolutions that started with the subtractive/additive "analogue" synths that were monophonic and shared info, when they could, using a simple control voltage/gate hookup through the truly game-changing DX7 FM synth (which fathered the Yamaha affordable home keyboard market and got rid of the Wakeman Wall O' Keyboard Racks overnight to the everlasting joy of the roadies) and not long after a game changed again move to sample-based music generation systems, all alongside a transition to inter-music-toy communication using MIDI.

Parallel developments led to inexpensive polyphonics (it is harder to do that than you might think) and velocity sensitive keyboards, all important in the development of the astounding, damn-near real feal of today's electronic pianos with feedback mechanics that let you feel the non-existent hammers falling back after hitting an imaginary string through the same keyboard that moments before you could have sworn was just like a real pipe organ register.

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