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Microsoft points PowerShell at Penguinistas



So to summarize, the Linux fan here is lecturing me because MS have provided source code instead of binaries. Kids today!

Would you also like to tell me how you are going off on this huge criticism about it not being included in the major distros when it was publically announced a few days ago? (And has even only got its first commit on github mid-April). What exactly is it you are expecting here?

You were wrong. And in your efforts to avoid admitting it, we're now at the situation where you're complaining to a Microsoft user about having to deal with source code. If this is what this generation of GNU/Linux users have come to, then it's not the community I grew up in! You realize that the target audience for this is enterprise clients and data centres who manage large numbers of boxes. They can handle looking at GitHub whilst waiting a month for the distros to roll round to including it - they're capable like that.

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