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You say you want a musical revolution. Actually, have three

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Synth bands were heading the UK charts before '83, by which time incidentally the New Romantic thing was already pretty much over. By '83 things were staring to dissolve and dilute in terms of both the music and the fashion.

80/81 gave us Tubeway Army/Gary Newman, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Visage, Ultravox, OMD, and of course The Human League. 83 was not really a stand out year compared to the big chages in sound that happened on the turn of the decade.

A/C because as far as I know all of the photos have been destroyed, If I did choose an icon the coat would have a ruffle collar and lots of gold braid and the face in it would be painted in pale green a kind of mauve with black outlining - Thats one photo I did keep, was I ever that young?

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