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"Sky certainly should not be allowed to be a pay TV platform (in many countries) AND ALSO have control of Pay TV channels. They must divest Sky1, Sky Sports and Sky News etc, or be a content provider and divest of the Satellite Pay TV platforms."

I think beer should be free, and benefits the population enormously. That doesn't mean its going to happen.

Europe isn't the USA, Europeans aren't going to abandon 40 languages for slacker English, and have the same income across the EU. Well, at least not overnight. So in the mean time, we can expect that attempts to coerce a single market into existence by dictating the terms of trade that result in harm, are going to meet resistance.

Ansip didn't spend any time listening to small indies, but took what the soap-dodgers told him on trust.

If you think that is weird, check out the stuff about how the cloud makes us E400bn richer ... just like that.

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