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EU geo-blocking: Ansip's crusade liable to disappear through 'unjustifiable' loophole

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But the analysis of the wafer thin margins due to diverse languages is one tiny bit of the issue.

It's USA / Sport / Big Corporations determination to squeeze as much as possible is the biggest problem.

Sky and Hollywood & Co. are a major issue.

Sky certainly should not be allowed to be a pay TV platform (in many countries) AND ALSO have control of Pay TV channels. They must divest Sky1, Sky Sports and Sky News etc, or be a content provider and divest of the Satellite Pay TV platforms.

They should also be forced to supply CAMs for TVs and satellite boxes rather that foist their proprietary box which doesn't work properly for non-Sky EPG channels and is crippled for FTA without a sub. They are effectively a cable TV via dish. Outside of urban areas in UK & Ireland they have a Pay TV monopoly.

As for the BBC? Much of their geo blocking (even to force block of UK people from non-UK BBC Web content and vice versa, just regular articles) doesn't even make commercial or "rights holder" sense.

Yes the so far proposed ideas are a nonsense. But certain sectors are determined to ignore the common market. Books, DVD, CD, BluRay is more or less one market. So the "small" language media content source argument is somehow faulty.

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