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Ex-Goldman Sachs programmer found guilty of code theft … again

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Yes, though I admit "(602 – 12)" in the article threw me for a bit until I realized it was supposed to be "(602 – 12)" - which is odd, since I'd already made the same simplification in my head, but didn't connect it with the notation in the article.

I hate it when the copy editors screw up the mathematics.

Personally, I have to withhold judgement; without seeing what Aleynikov actually uploaded to that Subversion server, I have no way to judge whether he might have stolen proprietary code, or what the probability might be that it represented a significant loss to GS. My inclination is to believe Aleynikov's defenders, because he has my sympathy - the trials, convictions, and sentences look hugely excessive even if GS's claims are entirely true and Aleynikov acted out of malice or greed. And I can well believe that GS would act in a grossly disproportionate fashion to an innocent act, since everything I've read about the organization (including its public statements) suggests a culture of narcissism and paranoia. But since I wasn't a juror in either trial, my feelings have no bearing on the facts.

And unfortunately we see once again that juries do a lousy job with technical cases. But it has ever been thus.

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