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John Sanders


I run really complicated set-ups, and all the "scripts work", "systemd is going to eat your babies use bsd" rhetoric is just that, rants coming from people who has never had to write any of those scripts, and whom have barely touched systemd if at all.

My experience so far with systemd is 99.9% possitive, I have managed to turn 100+ lines scripts into 20 lines ini files that do not require 15 Year+ of shell and bash scripting experience to understand.

Systemd is a positive step in the right direction, and yes, if you install Debian 8 all your logs are still available as text files in /var/log.

The sad truth is that albeit systemd is not perfect, both upstart and sysv are bad jokes, but the truth that some aspects of "*nix" is less than perfect is hard to swallow for some.

To the trolls out there, claiming that systemd is like svchost.exe is a bad taste out of place joke. Systemd is GPLv2, go fork it and create a better init system. (I understand that most of you are misinformed and confused)

To the regular folks who have been scared of systemd as if it was the 7 plagues of Egypt, do not be scared, most of what people write about systemd so far is B******t. Notice that the people making a fuss about systemd do resort to arguments that are difficult to measure.

systemd reads your /etc/fstab file, it will use your /etc/init.d/ scripts, and on top of that will do lots of more useful things like tell you straight away what happened during boot, what services are available, which ones are disabled, which ones failed, how long did take each component to boot, what are the dependencies of a given service, has proper child process management, etc.

systemd only does away with things like text logs if you choose to, 99% of the time you do not notice is even there.

It took me minutes to adapt some of my old scripts and for the first time in years I'm truly confident that daemons will be restarted properly if they die unexpectedly. is the last pile of old cruft to be replaced now, expect the same people complaining about "systemd is going to eat your babies" to complain that wayland kills X net transparency without even noticing that it has its own X server and by definition it still does 100% what does.

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