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Relax, it's just Ubuntu 15.04. AARGH! IT'S FULL OF SYSTEMD!!!


I've been using systemd on Arch since they adopted it, as well as running Fedora on my servers at home. Systemd is, from thus user experience, a Good Thing. I have had no issues with boot order, or failing services, at least no issues that weren't down to something I did or failed to do.

It's a more complete option than init scripts, it's very manageable and if you know how to use it, it's much easier to diagnose problems. Let's face it, Arch devs wouldn't have adopted it unless it was an improvement. Whatever reasons you may have for objecting to it, that's the way things are going. You can either whine about it and not put the time in to learn it out resolve your issues, or you can jump in with both feet.

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