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Duncan Macdonald Silver badge

No thanks

Having seen some of the garbage from the systemd developers - I will choose a distro without systemd (and if possible without pulseaudio as well).

Systemd seems to have been designed by people trained in the Microsoft tradition of "Embrace, Extend Extinguish".

The one of the biggest problems with systemd is its reliance on binary databases that are far more difficult to analyse and repair than plain text files. Init files can be manipulated by any text editor and can easily be corrected by booting from an alternative device (eg a USB stick) if damaged so badly that even a single user boot fails. If a systemd database is corrupted then to repair it requires either a recent backup or the rescue system needs a compatible version of systemd to allow the damaged database(s) to be recreated.

I wonder if any group will produce a distro based on the most widely used linux system - the linux in Android.

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