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XP Will live on.

While XP is still capable of running software applications it will continue to be used.

Why? -because it is the most stable and user friendly OS that MS have ever produced. I also have a Win 8 machine - it worked well until I upgraded it to 8.1 and since then it's been a complete pain in the arse. I'm just waiting for it to break completely so I can be bothered to restore Win 8. I have never understood why people like Win 7 (Vista SP 2???). There is something remarkably clunky about it and in every Microsoft OS release since we have had to put up with that unendurable search - at least I get to make coffee more often .. and Aero? give me a break! Opera widgets run a lot better -

So I keep using my XP machine - I have even skinned 8.1 to look like XP.

Some one mentioned running XP in a VM. I do that too but even though I have a powerful system VM's do slow everything down appreciably.

The other day I blew the dust off my water cooled gaming beast and fired it up. It runs XP 64 and it goes like greased lightning and multi-tasks like a dream. Such a pity MS killed it in order to foist their subsequent crap OS's on us. I would have happily paid an annual licensing fee to support the maintenance and development of XP.

Hmmm - I also discovered a Bootmagic partition and lo and behold up came Win 98! It booted in about 3 seconds and I can still surf the net with Opera 9.

Seriously though all the new stuff seems faddish eye candy and of limited value. Does anyone really use apps on a PC? The default Win 8 ones at best are of poor utility and are often a long winded way of achieving something simple very slowly.

Do I want my computer to look like a phone? No but if I did it would be Android not Windows.

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