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This is a good idea except for the ReactOS part - why reinvent a broken wheel? If that ever becomes successful Microsoft will just sue for API violations like Oracle did.

If an industry consortium of hardware vendors got together in the same way they have through the Khronos Group to define Open CL, except to define a reference OS/hardware platform, this could really do a lot for the industry in freeing itself from Microsoft's ham-fisted dictatorship.

There are several Linux distros that are well engineered with a very good build pipeline and active, competent leadership. The industry could adopt one of these distros and put serious resources into developing first-class drivers for state-of-the-art hardware.. this would benefit all the vendors as their hardware could be used to its fullest advantage, instead of being squandered on something like Metro.

Think of an advanced MIT-licensed distro targeting ARM and the latest GPU technology to create a breakthrough reference platform that could outperform current offerings in efficiency as well as performance. The OS engineering has already been done for the most part and is free for the taking - we just need resources from the hardware manufacturers to build quality drivers.

Microsoft spends most of its time thinking about how to screw over its customers, and by extension, the hardware manufacturers. Operating Systems are a free commodity now - the business case for dealing with Microsoft for any forward thinking plans is rapidly approaching a divide-by-zero situation - maximum legal and technical pain, holding back technical advances to the state they were in 20 years ago, and we STILL have to pay them.

Enough of this bullshit

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