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And, again your missing the point, and that these "Features" should NOT have to be corrected by shady 3'erd Party IAP @55c0wn5, with who know what kind of agenda? Can you do this? Yeah sure, why not... If your already misfortunate to have Windows 8.x, on your System, then sure go ahead. The rest of us will continue using Windows 7, in the interim.

Specifically: Does Microsoft still have the leverage to force Windows upgrades through restricted MS Office/MS Outlook compatibility? They used to in the past. I'm unsure whether they still have it, but I'm pretty sure that whether or not they have that leverage is the crucial question in the Windows Upgrade Circus.

I'ma gonna say no... No chance with Office365 at least. But. I doubt it'll be a slam dunk for libre/open Office either.

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