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New Windows 10 will STAGGER to its feet, says Microsoft OS veep

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Upgrading a computer that ran Windows 7 for 5 years? Extremely unlikely for anyone who ever

tried upgrading from one MS OS to another MS OS. The usual expectation here is snags, incompatible

programs, incompatible hardware, no drivers, no support unless you are rich, etc. etc. I will never ever

again upgrade an old computer to a new MS OS. (The ancient "new wine in old pipes" comes to mind).

Buying a new computer with Win10 on it? Unless it comes with a button that says "Make it look and work like Win 7", I won't even consider it, after wasting time and money on the Win 8 disaster. The purple, green and orange color scheme still makes me shudder, but there is no arguing about taste.

Hey, MS, still listening? OK, think now: What is the fastest growing demographic in the USA, England, Germany, France, Japan, possible China, Italy, Spain? Wait for it: Old people, Older people, plus Very Old people, plus middle aged people! There you go! What does that mean for you?

It means "Future Shock on Hyper Over Drive" ! Which means what: Tons of people who want a computer that works like the computer that they had before!

Let me rephrase that: Tons of people who want a computer that works like the computer that they had before!! (Well, I added an extra exclamation point, so that counts as a rephrasing.)

So, Mr. Joe Belfiore, your complete inability to recognize that market segment as an important one

just shows that you are growing on the same vine that Bill Gates and the other guy with the name and no hair was growing on - in other words - you just don't know your customers.

Why it is that MS is totally hung up on a GUI that gets the thumbs down from so many people, and unwilling to provide the GUI that people would like, that's a complete mystery to me. It should be

obvious to software and hardware producers alike that the GUI (with it's various capabilities) is merely the "lipstick", the "makeup" of a system.

So why can't they provide the one that people would like? Don't they understand that the success or

failure of the OS depends on the "makeup"? To put it another way: In selling Real Estate, many things are important, but the beauty of the current paint job is what sells the house, as long as the basics are solid.

Another thing is: People love old cars, classic cars. Why can't they be entitled to love old computers,

or new computers with the interface that they know and love?

Ok, I'll stop complaining right now!

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