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Win 10 looks so bad that I am seriously considering running a Macbook with VM so I can still use Visio, Autoroute and Microsoft Money which are the only reasons I still use Win 7. Anybody got any better ideas?

You're late into the game. I did exactly that in December 2012. My Win7 VM is rarely used these days, as I bought Office 2011 for Mac (it still has menus so you aren't forced to use Ribbon only) and Win7 is mostly used for Windows-only games or the few 2 or 3 programs that aren't available on Mac.

But yes, it's probably the best bet: you don't have to pay the MS tax, you keep an OS that does get commercial software, but also get a Unix OS underneath for other stuff. And you can run any other OS under VMs if you want to.

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