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Win 7 disc.

I have a Win 7 disc. that I bought when I built my latest system. I have no need for a new system, so no thanks, I'll keep running a stable and well protected system - Linux. Some will complain that Linux is for geeks and not the avg. user, I say F*ckem. I am not an avg luser running Winhole and don't pretend to be. The reason I bought a copy was I could see the writing on the wall, no more disc's, everything downloaded. I only needed the disc one time. A company hired me and insisted the I use their software suite, for time card's. After about six months I moved on, when they went bankrupt. Will I ever upgrade? Only at gun point, or wallet point.Most of my family has two computers. One that works and one to play games. They will likely only upgrade to Win 10 when the games require it.

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