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From my testing, Windows 7 is miles ahead of Windows 10 still. Windows 7 respects my privacy; Win10 does not. This reason alone makes Windows 7 better. What I really really hate is how the search bar in the start menu searches Bing first and then your programs and files second. It should never ever search the web, ever. If I want to search the web I will use a web browser. I view this as a way to track you. And Cortana may be nice, but she won't work unless you surrender your privacy. I realize I cannot escape all this tracking but it doesn't mean I should give up. But there are more reasons why W7 is better.

W7 has the option of full Aero; Win10 currently does not and it is beginning to look less hopeful that it will. W7 has a customizable start menu; Win10 has the Win10 way or the highway. W7 has an easy to find system restore. W7 has a full backup program; Win10 does not. W7 has a working F8 at boot. This is the second reason why W7 is miles superior to Win10. Whoever thought disabling the feature used to fix machines was a good idea needs to be smacked in the head every day.

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