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it will be obsolete for various reasons:

1) the built in battery will fail - unlike proper watches that use kinetic power or replaceable batteries thsi will mean a dead product - Apples current battery failure timescale means this is < 6 years

2) the features wont all be there in the first release....and , based on Apples previous history, next year a new Apple Watch will come out with more memory/storage and the next IOS will require that extra memory/storage - so like the first iPads you'll be stuck with old (and probably insecure/vulnerable) software - thats obsolescence built in

3) other components will fail - the screen, the Taptic interface etc - warranty will cover this for 2 or 3 years depending if Apple are obeying European laws that month.

basically The Register giving it 10 years was a VERY generous offering

your comments regarding chronographs etc is dont upgrade them. they do their functions, tell time, do split time, world time, lunar events etc for life. therefore the only way they could become obsolete is if people no longer even used watches..... and I can tell you 23:20 my watch will still be working. your Apple Watch will be dead due to poor battery life and your iPhone6 will also be dead due to its battery lifetime problem. *I* can still tell the time with my watch - and since I'm not using loads of juice syncing between phone and watch, the chances are that my phone (galaxy S4 with crap battery life) might have some battery left so I can actually call the cab to get us home.

- sometimes I wonder if we're actually going BACKWARDS with technology :/

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