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Apple's Marketing people need to be a bit more discerning then, because I got one.

Don't worry. I won't be seen outdoors with it. :)

Yes, I like it. The Remote app, especially--cordless headphones and watch means no more carrying about an iPod Touch just to rewind a few seconds whenever the headphones need to come off for something. That and handling iOS notifications while I'm on the shitter. It's no must-have, but it's nice.


Incorrect, unless you aren't interested in US government contracts. Section 508. But you're quite right that ultimately, the law cannot stipulate mandatory requirements in the general case, even though it is very arguable that free-market capitalism is no solution. There's something to be said for extending reasonable accommodation to products and services even in cases where there isn't a clear need to those otherwise disenfranchised, but I'm sure the neoliberal ideologues and the bigots would rather the money go to some more worthwhile endeavour that suited their own interests better. Sadly too often the case in the technology sector. And I hope you're not suggesting that I won't one day be able to fly an aeroplane. :)

And Apple are the best there is at accessibility, by several large galaxies. Whether because of regulation, market opportunity or sheer altruism, or any combination of the three, I really don't care all that much. The blind in fact now have a functional and fully accessible smart watch, if they want it, and frankly I think the best choice of accessible smartphone platform goes to Apple as well. OS X, less now that they've clearly stopped caring about the platform, but an excellent philosophy if you can deal with Apple's smugness and over-trivialisation of its software which increasingly I can't.

As it happens, Apple already allows a blind person to tell the time just by raising their wrist, or tapping the screen or the crown.

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