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If that's the only way to get a new watchface to the iwatch, then it's pretty crappy, and I can understand Apple wanting to stop it.

I assume that the ability to create new watch faces (which run on the iwatch) will come along at some point in the future, but IMHO it's a massive oversight for Apple to not enable this basic smartwatch capability on day 1.

I would have expected Apple to launch an app similar to canvas (for pebble) which allows you to create/configure/customise your own watchface using a simpe app on your phone.

Its interesting that the pebble route, is to allow 2 types of dev : (1) watchfaces only and (2) apps (which can be anything but sometimes are just watch faces. Pebble pushed this as a major feature, and I'm not aware of any watch manufacturere complaining about copyright, but then the basic B+W crappy display(*) is not really going to be confused with a real Rolex :)

(*) I'll point out that I own & love my pebble, but aesthetically it's a little challenging!

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