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Not so impressed with Powershell

Maybe this has since been resolved, but I remember being underwhelmed by my first major outing with Powershell.

The task was to replace some aging VB scripts that communicated with Exchange Server 2003 via CDO. The exchange server was being replaced with Exchange 2010 which of course no longer supported CDO in favour of Exchange Web Services (EWS).

So we selected Powershell to use the EWS API. We ended up with a custom C# snippet in the Powershell script that implemented an accept-all certificate handler to work around the connection errors we were experiencing between the script and Exchange (as advised by MSDN and MS blogs).

Oh and of course make sure for the love of god that you selected the right number of bits (32 versus 64) when you executed the PS script. And that you selected *exactly* the right version of the EWS API DLL to download and deploy, otherwise PS just threw an exception.

All this just to read certain subject lines from emails in an Inbox. Conclusion: Even in 2014 the tools felt like a poor beta.

(Oh yes, code signing PS scripts with the cmdlet. Sometimes it just wouldn't. But take the script + code signing cert to a similar workstation and then it worked. Weird!)

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