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Add fuel to the flames !

Let's take a counter view & add some real life experience.

It's their sandbox & if you don't like their rules then stay out.

My real life experience with Apple Watch (move on if you're not interested).

Took delivery Friday of two pre-order Apple Sports Watches.

38mm Aluminium White Strap (my wife) & 42mm Space Grey with Black Strap (me).

Two separate couriers (UPS & UK Mail).

38mm bang on schedule & mine was 4 weeks earlier than the originally quoted date.

I'm a watch guy & own many. I'm also a gadget guy, "platform agnostic", but obviously have iPhones without which the Apple Watch is almost a non-starter.

Main reasons to buy were as "a watch" & communications stuff. Don't do Social Media, retired, no more long haul, thousands of customers or masses of appointments. Very active but won't be using Activity App, calorie counter, stand up etc as they are irrelevant for me. Of the 3K claimed Apps I see nothing that I don't already have except Train Arrival confirmations for station pick ups. I'm quite capable of opening a hotel door with a key or card.

As a first effort it's great & will only get better. Give it 8 out of 10.

Have never used Siri, until now, but on the Watch it's excellent & doubles as a Dictation device.

As a Watch to tell the time the customisation of watch faces by the user (not an App Developer) is execellent. I've set up what I want & deleted the rest.

However, my major whinge is that the display powers off after 15 secs. I want the TIME displayed permanently, if I wish. Hopefully this will be addressed in later releases as real customers give feedback.

Have disabled the "turn wrist to view" which is just irritating for me & have selected the "tap to display". Same applies to my wife.

Battery life is much, much better than expected & I charge it every other day. There would be no problems taking this to the other side of the planet. (My most expensive watch is a Rolex Explorer II bought in 1980 - I have to wind this up daily. Oldest is my father's RAF Hamilton which also needs daily winding. Most other watches have batteries or solar power. Favourite is a Citizen Eco with solar power & radio signal update at £250).

The communications aspects of the Watch, complementing the iPhone, are outstanding. We're both thrilled. I can see this being especially popular with the ladies as there's little need, initially, to rummage in a hand bag, of course, this also applies to some men. OK, let's be fair..... I mean brief cases & backpacks.

Neat stuff is the changeable watch strap. Have pre-ordered Spigen "Tough Armor Case" from Amazon to protect it when I get on the mountain bike this summer. Might break an arm but the Watch will survive. Can read the display without glasses which is a big deal on a bike.

So there we have it. Let the ranting begin............. or happy to respond in this thread to sensible remarks & questions..........

As with all this stuff: buy, don't buy, who cares? etc etc At least there's a choice & in the grand scheme of life any watch is a luxury.

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