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Re: Bloody Casio never did create a video explaining how to use their watch

John Brown (no body) doesn't RTFM? After they went to the trouble of packing such a big one with the watch?

Shame, sir!

Took me, old mainframe know-nothing fit-for-the-human-scrap-heap idiot all of ten minutes to get it unpacked, synch'ed to NYC timezone and running on the Steviewrist.

The old PAG40 had a better display (which could be read from the ISS I reckon), the compass was less flaky in the presence of electric fields and the backlight was brighter, but changing the batteries every three years was a pain and eventually resulted in damage.

The PAG240's solar cells have gone from a medium charge on unpacking to full charge during everyday wear.

Admittedly, it can't do the internet, but then, that's why we have smartphones and tablets. But it will tell me the time without need for a wall socket until the solar cells go nails-up.

And I can get it very wet indeed without the need to visit an iStore to see if I can beg them for a replacement under warranty.

And it looks 21st century awesome, not like it should be adorning the wrist of Roger Moore as he takes on Count Saruman in The Man With The Golden Watch.

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