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When the Schmidt hits The Man: Look what the NSA made Google do


"In the future, the entire world will be defined by a smartphone or tablet – Android or Apple – a very fast networking connection, and cloud computing,"

No, it won't. Neither device is remotely as useful as a desktop PC for day-to-day office tasks. When I'm working, I want a big desktop-style 24" monitor (or two, in fact). I don't want to try and administer my whole network from a 6" phone screen, or an 10" tablet; and I don't want to try and do basic office work on a device that has to pop an on-screen keyboard up over what I'm trying to type.

"Almost all the enterprise software that you use does not meet most of those criteria."

Yes, and there's reasons WHY enterprise software doesn't.

As to the insane bollocks that followed about 'segregation not being required anymore', 'enterprises consisted of firewalls and nothing else', 'artificial distinction between consumers and businesses eventually goes away' etc, it's just meaningless waffle. This borders on being a 'No computer will ever need more than 64k of RAM' moment, tbh.

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