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Re: So blameMicrsoft because it doesn't innovate...

Quote "The real problem with Metro is it is a very good Microsoft innovation. "

It is, if metro was the default style of windows interface from windows 1.0 onwards, then everyone would sing its praises.

But.......... and theres always a but, all the desktop users (including me) were used to something that had evolved(note use of the word evolved) from windows 3.11 onwards

In my workplace , we have 2 laptops, one is win7 , the other is win8.

On monday, someone installed a program on the win8 machine, it did'nt leave an icon on the desktop so I get called over.

I naively clicked on the bottom left corner, that brought up the metro tiles. so I thought, well right click on the button... brings up a menu at the top of which it says "programs and features" great... here we go... just drag a shortcut to the deskto.. oh it launched the add/remove programs thing that windows has.

By which time said employee has installed program on the win7 laptop, clicked on the icon and got talking to the robot thats being naughty.

The reason everyone (including the m$ fan at work) hates windows 8 is because they changed the interface so radically that no one could use the machines without having to be re-trained.

And all so m$ had a desktop that looked like the winphone layout... which was never going to get above niche product unless m$ had a apple/google beater of a software product to go on it.

which they did'nt.

Because senior management squashed it

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