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Surely this article is a joke

Seriously... This article IS a joke right... How frigging complicated and coddled do we need our lives to be? We want to live practically on life support unable to sleep without our precious teddy blanket to comfort us? What will the fossil record show of us in 10,000 years? We comforted and stupified ourselves to death? And talk about more stuff to worry about and go wrong. More stuff to manage. To update. To work to earn money to pay for. This is liberating? Electricity was liberating because it freed us from manual labour. We can thank EMF for that. But automating *every* aspect of our lives sounds like we're turning in a bunch of over worked anxious morons worrying about the latest software update for our iron because we forgot how to switch the dial to 'cotton'. How hard does that have to be? Or sleep... seriously? We now need our sleep to be managed too? Because, like, no one managed to sleep properly before technology saved us all (note the irony in that, as sleep quality is deteriorating the world over). And FFS just grow a pair and lay on an extra blanket. I fear most for children growing up in this dystopic fantasy world. They'll be completely unable to function without an armada of life support systems following them around to manage and comfort every aspect of their anxious little lives. I'm going for a walk.

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