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This will be funny when it's an enormous flop

Most people I know think the Apple Watch will be a huge success only because "there are a lot of stupid people who buy everything Apple makes for no reason other than Apple makes it."

This is simply not true and it smacks of a mentality common to Microsoft.

Microsoft assumed everybody would buy a Windows Phone simply because they made it, and look how that turned out. They also assumed developers would make a bunch of Metro apps simply because Windows 8 had a Metro mode, and they assumed everybody would buy Surfaces, because who wouldn't want Windows in tablet form?

The idea that probably a billion+ people use Microsoft stuff in some form or another leads to the reasoning that SOME percentage of a billion will do/buy something, so it HAS to be a huge success. And then guess what? Fail.

The idea that there's a large hypothetical group of people who enjoy giving money to Apple for no reason strikes me as similarly too reductionist.

EDIT: I should add that I was recently at an Apple store where they had a bunch of watches on display. The store was PACKED with people looking at laptops, phones, and iMacs, but hardly anybody was looking at the watches even though they're Apple's big new exciting product. The couple of people who were asking about the watch were all pretty old. I wonder if they were simply being influenced by Apple's marketing and thinking that they'll need an Apple Watch to stay technologically literate.

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