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It is REALLY SIMPLE, most people DO NOT LIKE it, which is not to say they are wrong, and you are right (or versa-vice), as different people like different things.

Apparently Sir Clive thought the C5 was a great idea, the segway was going to revolutionise urban travel (despite being a little pricey....)

Homo sapiens likes innovation and experimenting, which is good.

BUT before launching something new, do some research, if it is a radical change then there are several potential outcomes:

- it could be so radical (but still valid in principal), that most folk won't be arsed to put the effort in to figure it out

- everyone would love it

- it could be fundamentally flawed for the target market

- in betweens.

But the dilemma is that you can fundamentally improve something that people are familiar with; or you can take a punt and introduce a whole new product.

Remem that apparently Henry Ford said that if he had asked the common man how he could improve their transportation, they would have asked for a faster horse....

My ha'pennies.


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