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Luck has nothing to do with Command and Control Programs and Pogroms

Tough luck Sony

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear.

However actually having read some of the emails (thanks Wikileaks) they have plenty to hide and much to fear as have the rest of the copyright gangsters. .... Anonymous Coward

Hi, AC,

The secret that media related systems of administration are trying to hide and fear becoming global general knowledge is how to be effective in stealthily wielding the following weaponry/virtual machinery which drivers the future with leading events.

amanfromMars [1504201702] … having a say on

Something different and immediately available from a vast suite of novel apps ........ and for free too if one is into making colossal fortunes and titanic waves.

Virtualisation and its Pragmatic Application for the Delivery of Future Realities/Epic Media Hosted Tales

If one is not providing the original narrative and drive for servers and systems and media hosting/reporting, is one always in a situation of responding and competing for a leading advantage in a program and projects which are totally alien to one, for one does not have the lucrative insider track and vitally important proprietary intellectual property/internet service provision which supplies one with the ongoing direction and end game goals of programs and projects engineered and drivered by the Virtual Space and Advanced IT Masters monitoring and mentoring leading events/shared thoughts and creative novel ideas.

Do you have an interest in providing lead in such an area of Future Play/Virtual Reality Product Placement delivering remote computer control of what is in actual reality a present completely different from the past which is protected and assured to be fail-safe and secure in a SMART Virtual Machine Environment ...... with Super Stealthy Cloud Defences?

Real Heavy Heavenly Fuel …… for AI and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT.

It shows one is retarded by a lack of viable imagination and necessary intelligence to not realise that the future is quite different from the present and the past is a virtual confection for edutainment ...... engagement, enjoyment and enlightenment. I Kid U Not.

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