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Most people will struggle at first with any different device. Give Linux to a Windows user (and even OSX), and he or she will struggle with it in the beginning. Why smartphones took so many years to become mainstream? Because I see most people used to plain dumb phone struggle in the beginning with little computers where the "phone" feature was just one among others.

Even multitouch, so natural now, wasn't at all in the beginning. Did you ever see people trying to use a mouse the first time thirty years ago when they were becoming widespread? Did you see people using the first TV remote controls? Sure, we should still use punched cards and rotary dial televions because people were struggling in the beginning...

You're saying basically there should be no innovation because people should never change habits. Apple should have never introduced a GUI, people worked so well on character based terminals... using a GUI was difficult, in the beginning.

The real problem with Metro is it is a very good Microsoft innovation. So most people felt the urgent need to spit all over it because "hey, it's MS, we can't really praise it! Let's stick with Program Manager icon collections, they look like candies, mmmmmmh, candies!".

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