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upvote for you and a "how hard is it to figure out" comment.

do you remember that simpson's episode when Springfield gets the radioactive man film (pic related) and the vendors/mayor charge the movie producers taxes for everything? even a leaving town tax...

that's exactly what this is, the tax payer funds it, the taxpayer gets an inferior production the taxpayer gets boned, all because the greedy trough-jockey-pig-politician wants to get his "legal" kickback.

Oi, Malcolm et, al! go ruin another portfolio and leave the one potential infrastructure that might put Oz on a level playing field to someone else. Not that it'd make a difference.

This is one of these times when government needs to gtfo out of business. Yes, Rupert i see your media share is going to take a hit by a superior platform - stop calling in those cronies in your back pocket and get with the times. /rant for now...

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