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Some people may have trouble with the UI

But, if a UI is superior whilst requiring a steeper learning curve, it is still superior and worth the effort.

I bought one of the first PalmPilots and spent an age playing Giraffe to learn Graffiti. After the initial couple of hours I was a whizz at inputting using the stylus - fast and useful.

Likewise, WinPho, lovely interface, easy to use, smooth and elegant.

I do not see this slow down or battery drain some have mentioned here (60% remaining without a boost today on a two year old 1020).

I am concerned that Win10 may not be as nice to look at but there may also be some gains with the sacrifices (although I don't really need a word-style editor for my emails, perhaps having all the attachment capability would be useful).

And the possibility that more apps will appear, matching the Surface/PC apps adds to the allure.

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