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Exactly. Look at the local launch of NetFlix in NZ. Something like 1500 items in the library compared to the nearly 9000 in the US service and we are being charged a 30% premium for access to that reduced library.

Sky's Neon service is even more expensive at $20NZD a month and Spark's Lightbox is the same price as NetFlix @ $12.99NZD a month (Well actually 30 days).

So to get the same coverage as NetFlix and Hulu Plus in New Zealand I need to spend $46NZD a month and get maybe 4000 items in the library. In the US $22NZD gets you access to NetFlix and Hulu Plus with a combined library of ~19,000 items.

And the content providers wonder why Aus/NZ is a hotbed of torrents and stolen content.

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