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Sounds like a Mental Health Institution

I can't imagine the mindfuck of pouring my best work into something that is awesome and makes sense for the company, like say Office for iPad, and having some sociopath tell me that yes, I did good work, but that work doesn't fit in HIS twisted idea of reality and therefore it gets shitcanned and I have to go work on Metro.

Seriously - anyone with any level of professional integrity simply cannot exist in that kind of environment without becoming some sort of sociopath. In that backwards world, it's not technical merit that gets you ahead, it's who can you screw over with either raw power or stabbing in the back.

No person who loves software can possibly still exist inside Microsoft.

This is why the open-source movement will eventually render this kind of company completely obsolete. Only projects that are internally consistent, open, and extensible can even survive, much less prosper in the OSS world. Ego, politics, and lies simply cannot exist for long there.

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