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It seems a bit premature to make all things "smart" before actually making what we already have work properly. I would rather have PCs and Macs that don't leak memory and slow to a standstill after a few days, and Windows updates that don't take all day to perform, and a Media Centre that gets bugs fixed, and don't need regular rebooting due to driver issues, and Flash software that's not slow and a constant security issue (or so it seems having to update it every other day), and a solution to unknown CPU hogging stuff in the browser forcing you to go hunting down offending web pages. Can we please fix all these things before starting on esoteric "smart" things that probably won't work at all if your phone happens to break?

For the record: I have never had to exactly calibrate an iron to not ruin the clothes, apart from adjusting the actual temperature. Twist a knob a bit.

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