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"There's quite a bit of expensive and fragile kit hanging around the Cape that you don't want to land on top of.."

"The remotest possibility of dropping on on a house (or an offshore boat) will scupper any permission to bring 'em onshore."

I know, my house is in the vicinity. My phone has been buzzed by the county government telling me to stay indoors while the clouds of toxic propellant from failed Delta II and Titan IV launches went past. The unpowered shuttle and its tanks of toxic OMS/RCS propellants have rattled my window with sonic booms during landing approaches several times. (I kept thinking it was neighbor kids kicking my garage door, which shows how slow I learn.)

Fortunately, to deal with problems of wayward rockets there are range safety devices. That's how Cape Canaveral has remained a test site for so long in a populated area: when rockets misbehave they get deliberately blown up before they do more than wreck cars in the Cape's parking lot. A wayward Falcon returning from over the Atlantic presents an unusually long approach compared to launches from the Cape, and thus provides a lot of time to hit the Big Red Button if the Falcon's not headed in the correct direction.

The launch pads and landing strips of Cape Canaveral have been handling exploding rockets for decades. If a floating barge can handle them, so can many square kilometers of concrete-and-steel-and-swamp landing sites. The record for spaceflight in Brevard remains much better than local drivers and airplane pilots.

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