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Slow throttle or wonky Ocean Sensor

I wonder if the difference is landing over open Sea as opposed to Land.

Not only are electrical potentials and currents really different, but reflectivity off the surface is different and even level surfaces can vary quite a bit from the horizon and be hard to distinguish or compensate for.. perhaps the Throttle performed as designed.. but the feedback system was tricked by the vastly different environment.

As far as I know Google Maps could steer you down a few thousand fathoms before putting you back on track.

They need to invent a pulse modulated "phased array" electromagnetic Tractor Beam. A single solenoid disperses broadly. But if they have an array of them they can "Beam Steer" and grasp a target. With a phase "enhancer" or a solenoid onboard, they could concentrate it and end up with a nice periodic impulse. Then they could use that to gently tug or push it around off deck to correct.

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