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The Internet of things is great until it blows up your house

Ian Johnston Silver badge

The solution to that problem seems obvious. Design an iron equipped with Bluetooth LE, linked to a smartphone, running an app that uses its camera to scan a QR code printed on a fabric care tags. This QR code contains all of the care information for that article of clothing, so every time that dress or dress shirt goes under the iron, the app adjusts the iron to the ideal temperature.

Neither "obvious" nor "solution" seems quite the right word here. At the moment you look inside the garment (the labels are not outside, obviously), see whether it's one, two or three dots and set the iron accordingly. A slight improvement might be to have a finer scale, with degrees rather than dots.

Finding the tag, finding the smartphone, starting the app, scanning the QR code and getting Bluetooth working is not an improvement in any conceivable way. It simply adds stages for no benefit at all.

This is why people laugh and point at those who promote the internet of things.

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