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The Internet of things is great until it blows up your house


The Internet of Things contains the same amount of reality as the 1960s concept that by 2000 we would be eating a three course meal in a pill,commuting to work in a flying car, and holidaying on Mars.

If any manufacturer was serious about IoT-enabling a household appliance, then the design and test teams would have a high percentage of middle-aged women. Why? Because that's the target demographic for household appliances. And most would give the 'wrong' answer during the concept test phase; "why don't I just use the already present care tag and set the iron manually".

Reality of an IoT enabled device? It's pounds to peanuts that the iron in the article will NOT have a backup "manual" mode, thus enabling the manufacturer to further decrease the device lifespan and thus forcing you to replace it sooner, if not in the first iteration of device, then in subsequent models when usage data from device model 1.0 (with backup manual mode) showed that manual-mode was being used more often than "IoT" mode.

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