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Or you could buy a duvet. Reduce your electricity bills, get rid of the chance of electrocution and stop "blanket-as-a-service-corp" from adding pressure sensors to get information about your sex life which they sell on to advertising corp, microphones ("for voice control") which can stream sound out to the "voice-recognition" servers - at pornhub, "gas-detection sensors" ("in case your oven gets hacked") which feed into your insurance company...

I don't need smart bedding. Even if I wanted an electric blanket, I'm reasonably sure I could accurately and consistently set a dial to 6.5. I'm sure thermostatic control doesn't require an IPv6 stack and a DC full of dodeca-core Xeons.

I don't remember ever damaging clothes with an iron. I may have done, but not often enough to worry about and I'm certainly not going to scan QR codes on every bit of shirt. Mostly the risk comes from my wife's clothes where she has cut the tags out because the tags were annoying her and I'm not sure what they're made of. In that case, I leave them for her to iron - they're mostly synthetic anyway and don't need it. Why would manufacturers want us to stop destroying clothes anyway? If they wanted clothes to last, they could use decent cloth and pre-shrink the fabric so it can all go in the dryer.

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