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Missing the point

I think pretty much every commenter on this thread has missed the point. Forget the specific lame ideas that the article comes up with, the fact is that there _are_ plenty of things in your house that are connected, and this number is only likely to go up. If you screw up the security on these, then there will be unintended consequences. Ask Samsung about its TVs, for example.

Even more worrying is cars. At the top end, they all have cellular modems built in and this tech is moving rapidly down the market. They all have more compute power than you'd find in a decent PC a few years back and all the subsystems (ICE, ABS, Maps, self-park, ECU etc.) are connected in one form or other. Now, I realise that all the car companies are going to try very hard to make sure that the intra-car security is good, but let's be honest here: some bright spark is going to be able to remotely pilot a self-driving car in the not-too distant future. With an unwilling passenger.

Imagine that.

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