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The Internet of things is great until it blows up your house

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We need a solution that provides security ...

We need something difficult to attack, ...

So remind me, why am I connecting my oven to the internet again? Because "the perfect bake" isn't going to come from doing so no matter what the wet dreams of some IT twonk think. Ask them wot does it for a living. To make baking a hands/eyes off affair, you need sensors in the food item and feedback to the oven itself and there go your cost estimates.

And as for ruining your clothes with an iron, that can only happen when you set it too hot, not when you set it "wrong". People have been Duin It Rite for decades with only a rheostat and a pair of eyes. I don't see how making the iron smarter than the person using it helps anyone. I mean, look how that worked out with phones ...

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