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The Internet of things is great until it blows up your house

Tom 38 Silver badge

Don't worry, even the conslutant that thought that one up hadn't gone to its inevitable conclusion. BAAS puts the entire operation of the blanket in the hands of the organization that is providing the service, which brings two obvious questions for the organization:

Why do we want to be liable for everything that happens with a blanket for its entire lifetime?

Who is going to pay more per month for BAAS than it costs to buy a dumb blanket?

BAAS is not coming any time soon.


An electric blanket would be hard pressed to do all of this computationally expensive work on its own.

Really? Its smart enough to have an IP stack, but can't calculate a few small numbers?

I'd actually be interested in IoT devices, but every single fucking one of them is being designed by people like the author of this article. Smart washing machine? Great! Smart washing machine that sends all my data to Miele and I get an app to interact with Miele's servers? FOAD.

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