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I have a smart bed....

Select Comfort sells a bed where it measures your heart rate and breath rates along with your sleep patterns to see how their settings can help improve your sleep. (I kid you not)

You have to attach the bed to the wifi and if you have this feature, there's a smart phone app that lets you control your bed (to a point).

Now this deluxe bed not only has these features, but a voice activated remote, blue tooth remotes and a massage unit, and lighting control. (LED night lights under the bed, and plugs for reading lamps)

It actually does IoT right in that while you can set the amount of air in the mattress, adjust the bed's head or foot settings, that's about it. Much less annoying that having someone change your cable box's DVR settings, or changing the channels while you're watching.

As to why we bought this model?

Because it had the features we wanted and it included the extra gadgets for free. (We couldn't say no to them.)

The point is that if you can see value in the product, you will purchase. If you can't... you won't.

As to why I bought this bed over a competing product that wasn't IoT connected? It made my wife happy and its a damn good bed. ;-)

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