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Funny, but the solution is obvious...

This is why the IoT is never going to leave the hype charts.

As a consumer are you going to spend $39.95 for an iron that has 6 temp settings which clearly list the fabric that matches the temp? (If not on the dial, on the surface or on a card attached to the surface.)

So I look at the Iron and I want to iron silk, there's a number. I set the iron to that number and I iron the fabric.

I want to use steam on my cotton dress shirt? I look at the fabric, find the right number and voila done.

Or do you want to spend $390.00 for an iron that has all these features in to read a barcode /q code tag that contains the same information that's on a human readable tag already on the shirt?

Oh and the $39.95 iron, will outlast the lifespan of the $390.00 iron. That's right. The simpler the device the longer it will last. I have a corded drill that my father purchased 50+ years ago. Compare that to the 4th Battery Powered Drill that I have purchased over the last 20 years...

The point is that you're trying to solve a problem that doesn't need to be solved.

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