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The Internet of things is great until it blows up your house


Good god. If the hypothetical you are feckless enough in regards to basic domestic choirs, then god help us all. I don't need this hideous complexity to tell me that my cotton garments prefers a 40 degree standard wash (like the rest of my clothes), don't mix whites, colours and darks (duh), the pong coming off of out of date food is all the information I need assuming that I haven't already binned it because it went moldy/the Best Before had passed/it had already been eaten.

Internet of Things - truly a solution looking for a problem (unless you are a manufacturer desperately trying to figure out how you can licence washing machine usage). Recently found out my fairly new washing machine can be connected to a smartphone app - why? What benefit does it give me - I put washing in, put powder in, select setting for the current load, switch on and it chimes when finished. Not sure why I need an app for that unless it's to summon a robotic domestic to do the loading and pegging out on the line afterwards for me...

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