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Hold your (clothes) horses...

I struggled to sense the pitch of the irony in this article, but the first quarter sums up everything that's wrong with the whole "IoT" at the moment, in that the author (and many other people buying into the hype) start seeing IoT as the answer to problems that aren't really there.

As already mentioned, Smart Irons™ are not necessary. An iron can go from cool to extremely hot in <1 minute. Great if you move from ironing something delicate to ironing linen. However if you next item requires a cool iron then you need to wait 3-4 minutes for the temperature to cool down again.

Same for Smart Washers™ and Smart Dryers™, you spend more time making sure that all the clothes are compatible for a particular cycle, else the machine will refuse to accept them.

Taking common sense out of the equation (in this case, making a judgement about how to wash and dry your clothes, sorting your ironing into separate piles depending on temperature) and relying 100% on technology actually makes things worse.

It's like the cases you hear where someone has driven the wrong way up a street/into a duck pond/across an airport runway because they're doing exactly what the SatNav tells them to, instead of applying common sense as well.

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