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LA schools want multi-million Apple refund after kids hack iPads

chivo243 Silver badge

"In 2013, LAUSD administrators backtracked on their policy of allowing students to take their school-issued iPads home after kids in the pilot scheme inevitably subverted the "device management" software to free up their internet and app access."

So, the pilot program participants blew it... Pilot programs are usually a small percentage of users to gage the usability on a variety of levels. Schools usually take responsibility for pilots as they are small percentages. So in reality, the students in the pilot blew holes in the Admin's plan too - Good work! The pilot participants screwed the pooch on all counts. Been there... Don't get me started.

If it takes the LAUSD nearly 2 years to cry foul and want cash back, they are drowning and grasping at swords. Good luck against Apple's legal team!

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