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80MB of disk! Luxury.

The first UNIX system I was sysadmin for had 2 x 32MB SMD disks and 1MB of memory (although the disks were short-stroked, and we eventually persuaded the engineers to remove the limit, doubling the available disk space).

The first UNIX system I used was a PDP11/34 with 2 RK05 (2.5MB removable disks), and a 10MB Plessey badged fixed disk that was about 10MB. When I first logged on in 1978 it had 128KB memory, although that was max'd out to 256KB later, it was running UNIX Edition/Version 6 originally, although V7 (with the Calgary mods to allow it to work) was installed later, and supported 6 Newbury Data Systems glass teletypes (not screen screen addressable, so no screen editors) and 2 Decwriter II hardcopy terminals. And it supported a community of about 60 computing students, and was permanently short on disk space!

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