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Unless my calculations are out:

743,000 x 4k read ops/sec = 2,972,000 kb/sec = a shave under 3GBytes/sec

160,000 x 4k write ops/sec = 640,000 kb/sec = 625 MBytes/sec write

Without pondering PCIe bus saturation problems (only using 4 lanes of PCIe so there should still be capacity, in theory) I've definitely seen applications that could chew through those throughputs, or make a pretty sizeable dent in them anyway. Netflix Open Connect comes to mind as one of the more obvious applications.

Plus, it's not just the IOPS you need to consider. It's the latency. Even if you can't hit the IOPS, if you reduce the latency of your application 5x or more, the cost could be justified in various situations where the read or write of that piece of data is a blocking action for something else, e.g. a database. If you have to hit the DB 20x to do one action, you just sped that action up tremendously.

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